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Paolo Penna

Environmental Services, Piemonte Region



Biologist, technical officer at the Regione Piemonte, Via Principe Amedeo 17 Torino, tel. 0114324486, paolo.penna @

He received his master's degree in environmental engineering at the COREP , Politecnico of Torino in 1995 , with a thesis concerning the quantification of municipal waste from households. After a brief stint working as a chemist in the laboratories of the Department of ARPA Torino, since 1998 is an official at the Enviroment Management and Land Protection Department of the Regione Piemonte where he is in charge of activities related to the planning of waste management including the preparation of documents for the planning (including waste management plans), analysis of local projects and the realization of studies. Since 2003 he also works for the Regional Observatory Waste, dealing with data analysis and processing and dissemination of statistical data and knowledge concerning waste. He works on european projects. It’s the author of several publications on waste.

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